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Designed to address specific skin concerns such as aging, sensitivity, pigmentation, breakout.

Beaute Neuve

A light peeling treatment incorporating fruit enzymes, ideal for dull, devitalized skin or people struggling with break out concerns
60 Min $125


This is a treatment vitamin C facial which visibly transforms the skin, enhancing colour, firmness by plumping up the skin to maximum hydration
60 Min $125

Refining Peels

An intensive professional peel to refine the skin's texture, and address aging concerns.  Courses are often recommended.  Needs to be completed at weekly intervals.
60 Min $125, 30 Min $95


A wonderfully effective and relaxing facial, which includes electrotherapy to cleanse, hydrate and regenerate the skin's deeper layers, while increasing the penetration of specialised products for long lasting results.
60 Min $145

Hydradermie Lift

A complete facial treatment incorporating micro stimulation to gently coax the skin into top condition we apply deeply penetrating anti-aging gels, oxegenation skin and toning of facial muscles
60 Min $145


A deep skin refreshing treatment that will improve overall texture, refine pores and help stimulate production of new healthy skin.
60 Min $150, 30 Min $95

Derma Rolling

It is used for skin tightening, Lifting and rejuvenation.  It helps with skin texture by improving wrinkles & fine lines and can reduce scarring.
60 Min $155,30 min $105

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